Needing photos of myself for this website, I searched the internet for professional photographers near my home in Maryland.  I contacted several photographers after scanning their websites for samples of their work.  One of them was Aubrey Beatty.  After asking me a few questions about my work and interests, she suggested the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC as the setting for my shoot.

I shun taking pictures, but I had a fantastic time posing in and outside the museum for an hour.  In addition, the weather was dry on the day of the shoot, so my naturally curly and puffy hair managed to stay fairly straight during the photo session.

After reviewing the picture proofs, I feel like I got a bonus gift with my session purchase because the scenic photos can serve as professional headshots as well as imagery on various pages of  The sub-header of this post features the background from one of the photos, which I was able to do through cropping.

Over 200 photos were snapped, and I’ve organized various galleries to display my favorites from the lightly edited pictures that I received shortly after the shoot. A few thumbnail images are below, followed by a collage of background scenery featured in the photos–which I might actually print and frame. To access the gallery of 10 full-size images, a link is provided at the bottom of the page. Notice how variations in brightness and background scenery subtly change the mood of a photo. This would be more apparent if I wasn’t smiling in all the pics! 

I recommend that you check out the Photo Cropping section to see how the images can be altered for headshots or other uses. You can also add borders. Feel free to share your thoughts about this post by leaving a comment below.


Avon Pagon

Visit my online photo gallery to see full size pictures from the June 7, 2018 photo session.